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"Kelly is an extremely diverse and talented artist who also possesses the gift of teaching. I have seen many of Kelly's creations over the years and can attest to her professionalism and willingness to stretch herself personally as well as artistically. I would highly recommend Kelly as a teacher, teaching artist, and as an individual artist!"
Amy Pool, Executive Director at Arts Council of Southeast Missouri

“Kelly is a great artist with consistent high quality work. She is client-oriented and goes the extra mile to provide quality art.”
Tom Neumeyer, Owner, Neumeyer Photography, Neumeyer's Bed and Breakfast
was with another company when working with Kelly at OPEN WINDOW STUDIO

“As an artistic colleague of Kelly's, I have been amazed at her diverse creativity and excellence in the world of art. She is not afraid to pursue many varied avenues within her profession and to do so successfully. I rate her highly in this recommendation."
Linda Buis, Fine Artist and Jackstock Breeder, Self Employed
worked directly with Kelly at Open Window Studio

“Kelly has provided services in classrooms, has volunteered, worked privately with my own children and completed a personal project at my home. In all cases she has been outstanding in providing a quality product, well prepared and works well with children. Kelly has been very professional and let's her enthusiasm for the arts flow to those with whom she works. It is a privilege to recommend Kelly."
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable
Tim Mirly, Principal St. Paul Lutheran School
hired Kelly as a Arts educator in 2007, and hired Kelly more than once

“Professional artist with quality art. Community involvement with local studios, art council and events. Works well with custom orders.”
Julie Bricknell, artist, J Brick Pottery
was with another company when working with Kelly at OPEN WINDOW STUDIO

“Kelly is a very capable and talented art teacher. She helped us all to learn to draw better. She had a variety of projects for us to do. She was very prepared and well organized. She is very encouraging and personable. I highly recommend her as an artist and as an art teacher.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Karen Harvey,
hired Kelly as a Art Teacher in 2010

“Kelly is not only creative and understands her client, her artistic ability is so well established that her work can look like a photo! I have always been impressed by anything she has done for me as well as works I have seen that she has done for others. I would highly recommend her for lifelike or cartoon work. She can do it all.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Creative
Marilyn Neville,
hired Kelly as a artist for colorbook regarding dog bite prevention in 2002

“Kelly Hughes is a creative, passionate artist and business-woman who has frequently provided me with better work than I had conceptualized.
She kept me informed and listened to my needs and then executed beyond my expectation. She worked at a reasonable rate and was very timely. Kelly was also very cordial and accommodating throughout the process. I have worked with her on a number of projects now and would recommend her work highly to anyone who needs a service that she offers. Sincerely, Jefferson Fox”
Top qualities: Great Results, Creative
Jefferson Fox,
hired Kelly as a Artwork/ Design in 2009, and hired Kelly more than once

“Kelly Hughes is a positive influence in the arts. She is always looking for new ways to present fine art to others via exhibitions and workshops. Her creative insight is a delight to view.”
Charlotte Eftink, Independent Art And Crafts Seller, The Natural Way Therapeutic Soaps was a consultant or contractor to Kelly at OPEN WINDOW STUDIO

“Kelly Hughes is inspiring to the people she works with. She she is prolific in her art and workshops with students. Kelly intriges the viewer with her beautiful and inspirational art work!”
Craig Thomas, Artist, BLack Door Gallery
worked directly with Kelly at Open Window Studio

“Kelly is a highly skilled artist. She has a very unique vision and is extermely talented. She is very professional in her work.”
Melanie Seekins, Independent Blackberry Consultant, Independent Blackberry Consultant worked with Kelly at OPEN WINDOW STUDIO