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How to Fall...

How to Fall Madly in Love:        
8 Things I Learned from
Leaving Everything Behind

By Danielle Benvenuto
Guest Writer for Wake Up World

About two years ago I left two businesses I spent most of my 20's and
30's creating. For 15 years I was a successful psychotherapist, lecturer and
businesswoman. I was living a comfortable life. I was following to the
best of my ability what felt "right" and fulfilling to me in the moment. Yet, over
the course of my career as I was accomplishing great things in areas I
was skilled at, I realized my passions were beginning to change and my heart was calling for
something different.

There was a vague sense of emptiness always present inside of me, a haunting cloud of
sadness not big enough to consume me but loud enough to consistently agitate me. It gave
me the sense that something was missing. This cloud that started as a whisper and turned
into a shout spoke these words: "You're doing what you think you SHOULD do, not what you
really want to do."

So, after years of trying to band-aid my emotional aches and pains, I finally left the life I had
worked so hard to build in New York. I moved to Berlin, Germany and spent a year and a half
simply exploring life through travel and engaging in the ordinary.

After two years of giving myself space without any pressure to decide who I would become or
what I would do next, came the very intense vision that I needed to make art. A vision so
strong, that for nights upon nights I couldn't sleep. I knew I was being called. Yet, I never
studied art before. Never in my life did I think I would have a career as an artist, and never
had I attempted to dive into something in such a major way without the structure of teachers
or a school.

But here I was finding myself taking the jump. I have learned throughout my life that
following my gut feeling or idea, even if I'm scared shitless, is what ultimately brings me
happiness. I have realized if I want to make a change, I must tolerate the fear and
vulnerability that comes with taking a leap into the unknown. The wave of fear
communicates a paradoxical message: "Girl, if you honor your feelings and welcome the
unknown, you will fall deeper in love with life and receive gifts you can't even imagine." We
are taught the unknown is an unsafe place to be, yet following our hearts (which often at first
feels terrifying) is the safest place we can ever be. It's the one place we can trust.
During my journey to this realization, over the past two years, I've learned eight truly
important things:

1. We are here to bring our ideas, desires, and inspirations into form. What
does this mean? We are here to create stuff. The stuff we create becomes our "work".
This work may be making art or taking care of children or operating on a brain or
sweeping floors. It has to resonate with you. If it doesn't resonate, stop making it. When
we express our ideas, desires and feelings, we get in contact with life force energy. This
energy feels like a good MDMA trip minus the hangover. When we do what doesn't
resonate with us, our ideas, desires and feelings get energetically trapped inside our
bodies. When energy gets trapped, we begin to suffer from insomnia, depression,
addictions, physical ailments, emptiness and other fun stuff.

2. Follow your inspiration WITHOUT ANY ATTACHMENT TO THE
OUTCOME. Usually when we get an idea, we come up with a detailed vision of how it
will work out. While this is important, what's more important is to let go of the details
shortly after. In other words, hold on to the essence, the main ideas but throw out the
run-on sentences, forget the grammar, and who cares about punctuation. Why?
Because the visions we hold for ourselves are often based on current belief systems not
always in line with our fullest potential and are often based on unconscious
programming. There is a higher self within and a cosmic voice surrounding you that
will guide you towards everything you need. In my experience, the best surprises come
when I stop resisting what is appearing in my life if it's not what I expect and open
myself to a different version.

3. As we support our callings, life supports us. Yes, we live in a world where money
is a thing and yes, our "survival" depends on that thing. But money in its highest form is
a tool for our creative expansion. In other words, that we "have" to make money means
we have the choice to think creatively about what we can "do" to make this happen. It
helps us manifest what I am talking about in "rule" number one: giving form to our
inspirations. When we do what we feel inspired to do rather than what we feel we
should do, we set in motion the law of abundance.

One of the law's main tenants: As you share your gifts, you receive back many times over
(financially backing included). In other words, when you align with what you are here to
express, when you connect with your flow rather than some societal or parental ideological
stream that has no clue about who you are, then life aligns providing you with everything you
need to fulfill your calling. When we ignore our callings, life doesn't abandon us. It will slap
us in the face with a bunch of tough love experiences that get us to wake the hell up.

4. What heals us, heals others. So why should you follow your heart, express your
feelings, and pursue the excitement moving inside you? Because it will heal you. And
when you heal yourself, you heal the planet. Doesn't that feel good?

5. Trust the process. I know, it's boring to hear but really it's super important. I mean,
who wants to feel uncomfortable while waiting for something to unfold or shame after
having let oneself become vulnerable for the first time? I don't, but we have two
choices: We can feel like shit doing the same shit we do every day and go nowhere or we
can move more deeply into our feelings and let ourselves be vulnerable and yes, feel like
complete shit in the process because for sure when we step out of our comfort zone
some uncomfortable things will surface, sometimes painful things like traumas we
never dealt with but the end to this version of the story is NOT the same old suffering.
It's a new world where walking through the pain leads to a lighter, more magical reality
whose expansion has no limit. After time, it becomes clear that embracing the process is the
point of life instead of any end game such as fame or monetary or professional success or
whatever. That falling deeply in love comes as a direct result of honoring your whole being
and allowing everything to be all the while holding a greater vision for yourself. When we
trust the process, we gain trust in ourselves and when we trust ourselves, anything that
appears in our lives– the good, the bad and the ugly-becomes a gift and source for a greater love story.

6. Mistakes lead to the greatest discoveries. Honor, honor, honor your mistakes
and imperfections. Being an artist has taught me more about this than any other
experience. Most of my biggest painting "mistakes" have been my best sellers and some
of my most impulsive moves have led to the discovery of techniques that make me feel
the most joy when I am creating.

7. Confidence is not the absence of insecurity. It is the ability to feel vulnerable and
insecure, to name it to ourselves and others and despite the fear, the flops and f*ck ups
to continue to do whatever it is we are doing. Feeling ashamed, scared and lost as hell is
not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of being human and if we are up for it (you know all
that enlightenment talk?), it's really about feeling your feels, being in your body, being
real. This is the route to Nirvana and we can find it here.

8. Create Space. When we are bringing something into the world or waiting for
something to come to us, we must allow for a balance between action and rest. One
underemphasized aspect of manifestation is the importance of passivity, of creating
space for the seeds we have planted to grow. Does the pot of basil seeds you planted
grow into a plant you can eat more quickly if you overwater them? Same idea. Don't
force the form. Slow your roll and let the space speak.

So what happens as result of all this?
We get many of the things our society suggests we should attain: success, money, recognition,
fill in the blank but instead being an end game or the source of our self-worth, they become
enjoyable by-products of simply following the inspiration and flow of our hearts.
And this is exactly what happened. In the year after I left my life of "shoulds" I fell deeply in
love with life. I am in a mad love affair that is never ending and constantly expanding. It's a
love coming not from falling in love with the man of my dreams or being recognized for my
achievements, but from identifying, honoring and releasing the desires inside me without
having a damn clue sometimes where it will take me. I am learning the love we create inside
ourselves has no limits.

After having my big art vision, I poured myself into making art for five months, clueless as
ever yet fully convinced by my vision and the power and confidence that moves through me
when I express myself as I am. On the sixth month, I took another leap. I came out of my
Facebook and Instagram hiatus and I bombed the hell out of both with all my new work
scared as ever. Within a month, I sold over 8 pieces and received two commissions. By the
end of the year, I found my works being exhibited in two different galleries in Berlin.

I am just at the beginning and have no idea where this will lead but as I have learned
throughout this process, this is the point: If we're brave enough to be clueless, we find life
and all its mind-blowing, life-altering, body explosive surprises waiting to meet us.

About the Author:
Danielle Benvenuto an artist and writer based in Berlin, Germany. She brings her past work
as a psychoanalyst and energy healer into her art and is known for her soul portrait and
heartbeat paintings. She offers 75-minute sessions called Life Sessions, which help you manifest a life that is more in tune with what you truly desire. During these sessions, you and Danielle will unlock together your passions and life callings and identify any potential blockages that
my be hindering your self-expression. 
For more info, visit her on
her website or Instagram:
Instagram: @itisyour_life

Monday, March 14, 2016

Open Window Studio “GooB (Going out of Business) Sale”

Open Window Studio “GooB Sale”

After 15 years as a community art studio, Open Window Studio is going out of business. Students and friends of the studio are invited to the “GooB sale” to find bargains on used art books, original art, teaching resources, furnishings, curiosities and art supplies.
Thank you for your generous support and patronage of the studio.

Shopping hours: Early Bird Wednesday, March 23   6:00-8:00pm
                           Saturday, April 2   8:00-10:00am

236 S. West Lane         Jackson, MO  63755        573 837-2690
Preview sale items on my FB event page “OWS GooB sale,” posted after Monday, March 21st!

Sunday, March 13, 2016


All actions have evolved
From the taste of flight;
The hope of Freedom
Moves our cells and limbs.

Unable to live on the earth,
I ventured out alone in the sky --
I write of that journey of
Becoming as free as God.

Don't forget Love;
It will bring all the madness
you need to unfurl yourself
Across the universe.
                - Mirabai.   1498 - 1550

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Spring semester

The studio will reopen on January 25

Friday, October 2, 2015

"Bookmarks" art show tonight!

For those who were unable to attend last month's opening reception for my show entitled "Bookmarks," I invite you to join us for the second opening reception for this bi-monthly exhibit, tonight, First Friday, Oct 2, 6-8 pm. See you at Yoga East on Broadway in Cape!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yoga East Healing Arts Studio presents "Bookmarks," works in various media by Kelly Hughes

Yoga East Healing Arts Studio presents "Bookmarks," works in various media by Kelly Hughes, as part of First Friday series Sept. 4th and October 2nd.

As part of downtown Cape Girardeau’s First Friday series, Yoga East Healing Arts Studio, 827 Broadway, will present "Bookmarks," featuring works by Kelly Hughes, on Friday, September 4 and Friday October 2, from 6-8 p.m. The public is cordially invited to view this series of works by Kelly Hughes of Open Window Studio, Jackson, Missouri. Refreshments will be served, and there is no admission fee.

Kelly Hughes owns and operates Open Window Studio in Jackson, Missouri. She has spent 14 years as a teaching artist, and she holds a degree in Fine Art and Biology from Corning College, Corning, New York.

"Bookmarks" will display several works. She calls them “markers of understanding that have been brought to form in a variety of media, including ink, pencil, chalk/charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media.” The show illustrates her interest in various media, as she teaches and works in a wide variety. In addition to media, Hughes acknowledges many influences on her work, among them the poet Hafiz, poet Rainer Maria Rilke, writer Anne Morrow Lindbergh, and visual artists Mark Rothko and Georgia O’Keefe. “Hafiz reminds us to lighten up, get into some trouble---in the throes of Love with a capital L, you have that freedom,” Hughes says, smiling.

Kelly Hughes speaks about her process for making art: “I often wake at 3 a.m. with a very poignant vision—and I grab my journal and get the details down, sketch them out. I take these times very seriously. They are times to listen from a place of stillness and quiet, and take time to converse, to meditate on that which sometimes wants to take form, to become a painting or a sculpture or a series of sculptures. It’s at these points of stillness (like having a dream) that things come together in an significant way -- things get processed there. If it needs to form, then I sketch ideas, write details down, and then I find a medium that best suits the idea.”

She acknowledges that such inspiration comes in waves. “I still wait, I show up to see what happens There are times it is not there, and there are times I am more open to being aware. There are times that I’m more self-willed and wanting my own way, and times when I have that willingness to respond to the visiting inspirations."

She refers to the works in show as markers—thus the title, "Bookmarks.” These markers “indicate that I have been a witness to something. Sometimes I think of this witnessing as moments of epiphany. The works themselves mark those moments when something was learned or revealed. Sometimes the marks indicate personal turmoil, even conflict, and I think perhaps someone viewing these works will understand that, or can relate to that, or can benefit from that.”

Hughes, who earned her RYT-200 certification as a registered yoga teacher this spring, says that the regular practice and teaching of yoga “accustoms you to receiving these insights. Yoga means yoking, a union, an opening up to the flow of energy through the body, but also a practice that creates space within the mind for creativity to blossom.” She believes yoga teaches one about “learning to be aware, to be an observer,” foundational practices for creating art.

Hughes also practices the yogic virtue of non-attachment. “I am not really attached to the form created,” she says. “It’s a marker, a placeholder, a book mark, not the thing itself or the experience itself. The form just is a signifier for the experience.” Yoga, she notes, “invites us to turn the page each day.”

“For a time,” she admits, “I’m attached, but you grow, and you become less and less attached.” Her challenge, as she sees it, is to get it down, to show it, to render with fidelity that which she’s been shown. “As artists,” she says, “we have certain parameters in which to work. You start out, and you like this direction that you’re taking to make this vision realized, to make it real, but then sometimes the direction changes, and that s also part of the joy, the delight.” And for Hughes, that delight and that excitement is that of “God's presence in a new way. Letting go, it becomes clear, and I think ‘I see now!’ and I grab my paintbrush.”

“It’s odd,” she muses, “to be presenting my very personal markers to the public. Mark Rothko said, ‘One does not paint for design students or historians, but for human beings. And the reaction, in human terms, is the only thing that is really satisfactory to the artist. The people who weep before my paintings are having the same experience I had when I painted them.’”

“Like Rothko, I find it thrilling to meet persons with the same kind of experience who actually “get it,” Hughes says. She pauses. “Artists, and people, like to know we’re not alone after all.”

To view other works by Kelly Hughes, visit her online at or see her blog at For information on classes at Open Window Studio, call 573-243-1448. Email Kelly Hughes at

Kelly Hughes’s work will be on display at Yoga East through the end of October. For more information, contact Judy Grier at Yoga East Healing Arts Studio, 573-388-7277 or visit Yoga East online at Yoga East is a corporate sponsor of Cape Girardeau’s First Friday events.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Register for this semester at the Art Studio

It's time for another fabulous year of creative artistry here at Open Window Studio! Now is the time to consider your fall semester schedule and make time to nurture your artistic expression with the guidance and encouragement of a professional teaching artist.
Afterschool and evening times available during the week. Call to reserve your preferred lesson time by August 28. The studio reopens Monday, September 14.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Insights from the Blog of Jill Badonsky

Perfectionism is Creativity’s Evil Step Sister  In the early part of the century, I used to paint prolifically with the man I was living with at the time. We would venture out to the everywhere of landscapes, coffee shops, and unsuspecting people to paint in watercolor and outline in ink. We would bring home copious amounts of half-done works, a lot of crap, and maybe an accidental masterpiece. I didn’t like many of the paintings I did. I didn’t like most of the paintings he did. He liked everything we both did. I kept my painting-mishaps because sometimes I would use the other side for another painting or rip them up to make collages. My partner would frame all of his paintings with glass and black electrical tape and hang them in cafes and hair salons around town. He had this unspoken acceptance that all of his paintings were worth framing. I would cringe at the framing job, I would smirk at his paintings, and I would wince at the fact that he hung them in public, but I was in awe of his courage. Audacity was an inspiring trait of this man. Having boundaries was not. One day I walked into a cafĂ© and saw a painting of mine that I despised, and it was framed and hanging. There was my blunder, framed for everyone to see. I was exposed. I had given no permission for him to do this. The painting wasn’t even finished. I was horrified and angry and I’m pretty sure a dramatic scene went down when I got home. The next day I went to retrieve my painting… and guess what? It had sold. Whaaaat? Someone had bought and hung my atrocity in their living room AND IT WASN’T EVEN FINISHED. I met the buyer and innocently, hiding my horrification, asked “So, what do you like about it?” She said “Well, everything especially the unfinished look.” Really? I experienced one of those cellular changes where the epiphany is greater than the sum of the painting. How is it that I couldn’t see the beauty someone else could see in my work? Was I doing good work and not even knowing it? Am I not even my own audience? I was sad, excited, confused, and inspired to paint more. I had no idea that my standards for what was considered “good” might be suspect.  T.S. Eliot said, "Between the idea and the reality ... falls the shadow." How we think our art and writing should look and what actually happens is often out of our control. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be something as good or better than we planned. If we are attached to the vision of what it MUST look like, we are robbing ourselves of the pleasure that can come from going with the flow and looking for what the work itself wants to become… and then accepting it as the wonder it is. Since then I’ve received a great deal of feedback from readers of the books I’ve illustrated and I can see that my art is not that bad. But it took a lot of looking through the eyes of the people who appreciate it to dissolve the deep-rooted illusion that wanted me to believe my art sucked. Perfectionism is creativity’s spiteful and wicked step-sister. She dismisses the compliments of others as ignorant or uninformed, she towers over us with a disapproving look on her face that robs us of the joy in the process, she insists that we keep our work to ourselves to avoid the embarrassment of others seeing our ineptness. She needs to be stopped. The wall that perfectionism builds through her rigid demands and unbending standards can hide the sweetness that comes with savoring our own work. One of the biggest joys of making something is to appreciate its reflection of our divine ability to bring something new into existence. It’s our soul’s signature writing itself for us to see. . . and applaud. Not everyone will be our audience and that’s okay. But if we hold to relentless standards, we will have a hard time believing anyone would be our audience. And that’s just sad.  How do you get to the place where you enjoy your creative work without unknowingly dismissing it because of the insidious influence of unreasonable expectations? When I run workshops, I see the beauty of what others write and create but when I compliment them, I see their inability to sometimes accept my praise as real. Commonly I ask them to put their art or writing away and revisit it a week or month later. Often we can appreciate our work more later, when we forget the expectation we were trying to meet the moment we did it. Perfectionism sees in black and white. Either it’s perfect or it’s unacceptable. She’s never pleased because, really, "perfect" is not possible. She doesn’t pause to love the serendipity and magic in the process nor is she satisfied if someone else tells us we’ve done well. Perfectionism is a party-pooper. One way to break her hold on us and challenge her distorted reality is to ask questions. Questions give the subconscious time to sneak out of perfectionism’s relentless bondage as it discovers answers that render her a fake. Here, quick. If perfectionism is near-by, ask these: What would it feel like to simply enjoy the process just 5% more, no matter the result? Could I act as if I enjoy what I’m doing and accidentally find myself lost in the bliss that creativity offers? What would it feel like to believe in what I’ve done, to share it confidently, to love it even if it hasn’t reached unnecessarily high standards? What would it feel like to believe the compliments of others just 5% more? Shifting just 5% in a direction other than “all or nothing at all thinking” strips perfectionism of her credibility. Without that pressure, the world widens and lengthens into the dozens of whirligig possibilities just waiting for our enjoyment. And if we find ways to have fun, perfectionism won’t know what to do… Take that you inconsiderate, misguided task-master! Claim your audacity. Share your half-finished works with the world. Frame them with boldness and defiance. And make it fun.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

It is almost summertime! Here's what's happening...

Once again I have been lax in taking time to share updates here, and even on FB, so I will punctuate this posting with highlights and a pledge to be more diligent in keeping fans of Open Window Studio in the loop.
  • Today is the fourth day of my self-initiated "Two week Staycation." With the plan to travel unravelling, I am realizing the benefit of finding quiet time and space right here at home. 
  • On June 1st the studio will reopen for summer art classes, due to popular demand. Please contact me if you do not plan to continue art lessons in the summer, would like to change your scheduled lesson time, or have a friend who would like to join you. If you are interested in a week-long Adventures in Art workshop in July, I would like to know that too!
  • Spent a wonderful three weeks in Florida, right when the winter was feeling "old," flying over the beauteous beaches and swamp lands and keys of the sunny coasts. Played around with a "big idea" of furthering my education in airframe and powerplant mechanics, but have since had doors on that path close with sound resolution. Just as beautifullly and surprisingly as my joyous participation with "Wings of Freedom" began, it has come to an end, with nothing but gratefulness remaining, (especially for my enduring and supportive friend Chip.) 
  • Daughter Sierra endured some anxious moments and busy schedules to complete her first year in Columbia, attending Stephens College as a Costume Design major. With merely a long weekend break, she then jumped into the six week Summer Theatre Intensive program, which is credited toward her three-year degree. I plan to see her in a couple weeks, not willing to wait until her homecoming on June 22.
  • Son Gabe is driving and studying his way through his junior year at JHS, performing with friends in school choirs, playing the electric guitar and creating digital art as expression of his creative voice.  
  • Completed the JHS Pop Concert stage backdrop for the 7th straight year.
  • Visited the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis in May, as well as Sun Studio, in celebration of my birthday and twenty amazing years with husband, Chip. 
  • Though I trained to hold a certification as a Yoga Fit Instructor in 2011, I completed another level of training to graduate this past weekend as a 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher. The nine month program was a wonderful journey with wonderful classmates and instructors. The "3rd weekend yoga bubble" will be missed, but I continue to share this integrated practice with strong, devoted students at both Yoga East Healing Arts Studio in Cape and with the YoGo group in Gordonville.
  • I have welcomed new and returning students for the spring semester at Open Window Studio, now in its 14th year. I have welcomed opportunities to serve as art teacher for the elderly in their homes,     as art teacher for youth programs at the library, as a team leader for the Therapeutic Horsemanship program, as a substitute teacher, and as art program teacher for girl scout troops. This semester also marks the 7th year of offering the Adventures in Art after-school program at St. Paul Lutheran School. It is is a blessing to welcome these continuing invitations to encourage and teach, and I am grateful for the continued support of our community.

 Enjoy the mellow days of summer until we meet again for some "seriously fun" art classes in the fall!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Let's make some art!



It's the New Year! Information about your art lessons at Open Window Studio

I invite you to register now for art lessons at Open Window Studio! 

Now in it's 14th year, Open Window Studio will be reopening for spring semester classes beginning February 17th! The spring semester will continue through May 15th, 2015. I will be working with current students in these first two weeks of January, to continue once the studio officially reopens in February. Beginning January 19th, I will begin flying through Florida with the Wings of Freedom tour.  
This is the time of year I begin planning the spring semester, confirming and working with the many lesson times of current students, and finding spaces in which to add classes for incoming students. Some classes and workshops are still in the works. As these class times are confirmed, they will appear in bold on the "current class schedule" page of the blog. (
The purpose of Open Window Studio is to support local artists, offering instructional classes for youth and adults by providing a work space for artists to further develop their skills, and providing a unique setting for area artists and community members to connect and learn from one another. The Studio offers quality learning opportunities and experiences, guided by an experienced Teaching Artist.

Perhaps you are interested in developing your artistic skills to better express your vision. Perhaps you are ready to rediscover the joy of nurturing your art. Perhaps you are seeking other options when art class won't fit into your school semester schedule. Perhaps you have a burning desire to create something meaningful to share with the world. Open Window Studio offers many such opportunities for "some serious fun!" Although the flexibility of personalized private lessons at Open Window Studio allow you to design a path in creative discovery and technical skill custom tailored to your interests, there is a progression that may be beneficial for artists looking for solid development in the fundamentals of composition, media technique and specific skills. That path may look like this:


- Introduction to the Elements and Principles of Design
- Basic drawing skills
- Compositional design
- Color theory
- Understanding Perspective and Proportion

- Drawing / Illustration
- Pastel Painting / Portraiture
- Acrylic Painting
- Oil Painting / Portraiture
- Pen & Ink
- Watercolor Painting
- Printmaking / Screenprinting
- Fashion, Fabrics and Textiles
- Sculpting / Hand Built Ceramics
- Collage / Bookmaking / Papercraft

- Figure
- Comic 
- Fashion Illustration
- Portraiture
- Landscape / Plein Aire
- Still life / Florals
- Animals / Pets / Horses / Wildlife / Nature Journals
- Abstract Expressionism

- Fashion Design - Illustration, Construction, Textiles
- Architectural Design
- Art & Soul Yoga Workshops
- Adventures in Art ( multimedia )
- Art Appreciation

(In addition, any of these specialties can be chosen as inspiration for work commissioned of Kelly Hughes, including murals, borders and backdrops, business logos/signage, book illustration, portraiture, pet portraits and custom painting projects.)

Thank you for your courtesy and cooperation in making the scheduling process convenient for all concerned. By calling ahead to cancel or reschedule, and by arriving promptly at your scheduled lesson time, you help the days flow smoothly. Please be reminded of these studio policies regarding class cancellations:
  • In the case of inclement weather, the studio will be open unless you are personally contacted. If you find the studio inaccessible, please call as soon as possible to reschedule. 
  • Students who do not attend their pre-scheduled class will be charged the full class fee.
  • Students who are unable to attend their pre-scheduled class, please notify the instructor 24 hours before the scheduled class time, except when sudden illness or severe weather prohibits such prior notification. You will then have the option to reschedule your lesson time at no charge.
In considering my many years of experience, ongoing training, growing certifications and increasing demand for classes both on and off-site, my business manager has advised me to make a minimal increase to lesson fees. This change goes into effect in the new year, but will not effect current students for the duration of their time at Open Window Studio.  

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Have a joyous new year!

To the clients, supportive friends, and the hundreds of individual artists who have been students of Open Window Studio through the years
I wish you the continued joy in personal expression and the sense of inner knowing that comes from creating and responding to great art

Happy Holidays and a new year of peace and joy

Welcoming a new year of discovery and growth, supporting the arts in our community, as well as your personal journey as a student of art. I am grateful for your continued support of this mission.

See you friends in studio in the new year!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Holiday schedule for OPEN WINDOW STUDIO

The studio will not be open and art classes will not be in session on the following dates:

Wednesday, November 26 - Monday Dec.1
Monday, Decemebr 22 - January 2nd

More information on spring semester classes to follow in the new year!
To current students Grace, Aria, Lauren, Kiarra, Ava, Maria, Shirley, Pat, Darrell, Angie, Ivy, Livia and the eleven students of St. Paul Adventures in Art, I wish you a warm and loving holiday season! It is truly a joy to create art with each of you.

Holiday yoga schedule

Looking ahead to the upcoming holiday season...
We will meet for Yoga at Dance Extensions, Tuesdays at 6:30, on the following dates:
Nov. 11,18
Dec. 9, 16
Jan. 6, 13
We will not meet when the building is closed for break.

We will meet for Yoga in Gordonville, Thursdays at 6:30. on the following dates:
Nov. 13, 20
Dec. 4, 11, 18
Jan. 8, 15

We will meet for Yoga at Nearly Perfect Crossfit in Jackson at 10:00 a.m. on the following Saturdays:
Nov. 29
Dec. 6, 13
Jan. 3, 10

And for Sun Flow class at Yoga East in Cape:
Nov. 14, 21, 22
Dec. 5, 12, 19
Jan. 9, 16

I'll post more info on classes as we begin the new year!
Peace and loving holiday wishes to you all!
It is a joy to gather with you all for yoga practice!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Open Window Studio welcomes students

I welcome new and returning students to Open Window Studio! The studio is a well stocked and open space for Maria, Ava, Grace, Aria, Lauren, Kiarra to do what they love - experience art adventures! Angie uses the space to further develop her talent and skill in watercolor seascapes. The studio anticipates the return of Kathy's beautiful pencil drawings. The studio also travels to the home of friends Shirley and Esther each week, so they might explore the new-to-them media of soft pastel, and Pat enjoys the by-weekly visits that bring some creative play to her life at the Lutheran Home. Homeshoolers enjoy the classes custom fit to their schedules, as well as the monthly workshops offered by Kelly Hughes at the Cape Public Library.

Make some room in your days to explore the wonder and joy of making art! Call Open Window Studio to begin today!      

Women's Day of Art

We would love to have you join us for the Women's Day of Art, held on Tuesday, September 30 from 9-3 at the River Campus Crisp Museum. I will be one of many artists teaching, demonstrating and showcasing art techniques for you to incorporate into your artistic discoveries.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

ART & SOUL Currents workshops continue

Session Seven:
September 27    2:30 - 4:30  
BALANCE    Clay sculpt
   Let loose the shakti energy in a yoga dance, find centering in sculpting and balance poses  as we discuss the need for balance in our lives.

Session Eight:
October 25    2:30 - 4:30
PARTS & WHOLE   Weaving
   Participate in community games, an interpretive dance, add your creative touch to a group weaving, and contribute to group poetry. Experience vinyasa flows and communion in yoga.   

Beneath the busyness of life flow deep, energetic impulses, creative currents, passions, and inspired communion. Too often the to-do lists and future plans distract from the soulful, nourishing life that can “currently” be enjoyed moment by moment.  Yoga East Healing Arts studio is a unique space   in which the meditative practices of yoga and creative           expression are naturally and profoundly intertwined.

We invite you to slow down and allow these “currents” to soothe your busy mind, bring awareness and open you to a more creative flow. Art & Soul Currents introduce yoga     postures and artful practices that transform stress into      creative energy and inspire self-expression. In a supportive, non-competitive setting we invite expression in many forms, including song, story, interpretive dance, journaling,          traditional craft and expressive art.  Engaging in such       nurturing daily practice can quiet the mind, sift through the clutter and create space for expansion, expression and    playful possibility.

Workshops are offered every fourth Saturday of the month.  Please visit the website to pre-register for these monthly workshops at  

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Arts Council gallery features works by members

You are invited to visit the Arts Council galleries on First Friday, September 5th, to see work by yours truly and other Arts Council members. Also, swing by the Yoga East Healing Arts Studio to see the masterful work of Robert Towner. Both shows will be on exhibit throughout the month.

Caterpillars with Character exhibit on display at the Cape Girardeau Nature Center in September

Adventures in Art at Open Window Studio

Professional Artist & Arts Educator Kelly Hughes of Open Window Studio, offers young artists an opportunity to develop skills while experiencing the meaningful process of creating art. This workshop will focus primarily on the visual arts, in activities which are designed to encourage creative discovery, practice skills, teach basic technique, demonstrate the care and use of materials, and encourage greater appreciation for the arts. Students will explore a variety of media and materials to engage in drawing, design, collage, painting, clay work, print making, fibers, sculpture, and paper making experiences.

Adventures in Art at Open Window Studio is a small group art class for children ages 4-8 years. The class will meet every other Friday of the month, 5:00-6:00 pm. The class meets September 12th and 26th, October 10 and 24, November 7 and 21, and December 5 and 19. I look forward to your call to register your child by Friday, September 5th. All supplies and materials provided. A maximum of six accepted. Drop in fee is $15 per class, or pay the reduced rate of $100 for all eight classes, due at the first class.

Call 837-2690 with any questions.