Thursday, October 1, 2009

Post Production

The show has been taken down. The past several months were like a dream in many ways. Now I must come down from the mountain and return to the people, to the village, to the home... or do I? I feel a bit spent and look to find footing again. I am feeling a finality, but know in truth this is not an arrival, but merely a step in the continuing journey. I will continue to respond, to make art however impermanent and varied it may be. But right now I seem to be in a lull. The kudos and recognition fades quickly, the "next great thing" is ushered in... as it always is with fickle fame and fortune - HA!
I am glad of the things I have learned in this process. The value of the work is intrinsic and intimate and was guided by intuition. The works are just markers or momentos of a personal process in experience.

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