Monday, May 3, 2010

Another fine day

It has been a leisurely weekend, a weekend for doing whatever whenever I felt like it. Played basketball, did some sewing, went out to dinner with my lover, sat by the river, watched a movie, viewed some art, did some cooking, gave generously, and took a long nap. I find that a sense of peaceful security allows me to enjoy these moments completely, giving no thought for the business of the week to come.

Now the sun is shining summerly, and the early morning exercise is getting the best of me. Now that the garden is weeded, my salad of fresh greens is eaten, and the laundry is on the line, I think I shall lie in the grass and read a book until my family returns home to me.

On this the anniversary of my 38th year, I hope to keep heart and arms open to receive life and love in all its fullness, whatever it may bring. With courage I will embrace all that is given me, and be not resistent in fear.

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