Monday, October 11, 2010

Hi, it's me again

Wow. Since the last post, in which I was offering the fall semester art lessons, I jumped into the resulting nine (yes, nine!) classes per week with the enthusiasm of an amateur and the efficiency and execution of a seasoned professional. This is my tenth year of teaching art classes to any who request my services, and it is truly a delight to find this interaction with so many creative souls to be fruitful and positively nourishing for all involved.

Back in early August, I knew this "busy season" was coming. I anticipated it. And yet, in the thick of things, it continues to be a challenge to pursue my own artistic whims, or even write this blog. Actually, what I have noticed is that my creative whims tend to manifest themselves in other ways -- meal preparations, gardening and putting together my attire for the day. A "more practical creativity" perhaps, but just as fulfilling in its process.

Knowing that a twelve week semester in which I'd be teaching nine (yes, nine!) classes each week would leave little time for serious recharge, I scheduled this two week respite before it all began. It is a timely buffer zone, two weeks of "white pages," that allow me to breathe at my own pace and find the space in which to entertain ideas and see them through. I'll keep you posted...

Today being the first day of said vacay, I have spent it folding laundry, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming and cleaning up my art supply storage room, yet all the while my latest iTune mix was thumping through the system, and I have danced for three hours in spite of the chores! Organizing and cleaning seems to always be an essential first step to any creative endeavor for me. Call me crazy - but I guess I like to feel the chaos is confined before I bust it all out in a new and creative way! It's that whole creation/destruction cycle...

I am continuing some classes with my one-on-one students, and will continue the three classes at Deer Creek on Fridays, but four classes are on break for two weeks while I get my breath back! Wish me luck! : )

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Bret Johnson said...

Hi Kel,

I most certainly do wish you luck and I affirm you for being organized not only in the physical realm but also your mental space. I think it's awesome that you have taken the time to prepsre for your busy season by reading the white pages :) If you have time, I'm always up for a chat.
Thanks for sharing.