Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day

I was awakened several times in the night - first at 2:30 am, then by more excited whispers and giggly scurrying sounds at 4:45 when Gabe convinced Sierra to get up and get into their stockings, then finally got up after Gabe woke us at 6:30!

We all did our part to make a turkey dinner to share with Mom and Dad. I enjoyed the pleasantly slow pace of the preparations. We enjoyed a delicious meal and watched the white covering of snow melt into the juicy earth. We iced cookies, played games, shared gifts, picked the turkey clean for leftovers, and tried out the circular hat looms with Mom.
Dad, Gabe and Chip retired to the TV room and promptly fell asleep!

Thanks be to God for this humble awareness of who You are, and who I am as I stand in that light.

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