Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

This stormy final day of the year is upon us in the blink of an eye. I consider the past year and see blessing, generosity, growth, change and more blessings! We are healthy, we have all we need and more, and (I hope!) we are growing wiser by the day.

I usually get pretty sentimental at this time of year. I solemnly consider the importance of knowing who I am and what I am about in this life. I consider the past year and how I may learn from it. Last year I wrote out three page personal mantra as a new year resolution.

This year, my tangible resolution is simply to share more hugs. Hugs express acceptance, support, comfort, encouragement, love, comraderie, and give something we crave - touch.

I also have an "Intuitive Resolution" which will be printed for all the world to see in the Sunday edition of the Southeast Missourian... :) Go figure!

Mom and I talked as we walked, about she wouldn't have guessed that all three of her kids would have entrepreneurial tendencies. I would say it figures, as it takes the practicality (of Mom) and the risky creativity (of Dad) to creatively form and maintain a business entity. Plus, they were great parents. Having a business is like parenting perhaps. Yeah, it really is a lot like it... (I like this more humane view of business!) Once you put in the hardcore time and sweat and effort into the first years, you can then do that only as needed, enjoying more times of just stepping back to watch it grow! You are "responsible" for it, you support it, you keep it "on the straight and narrow," and you begin to reap the rewards of personal investment as it grows and shares its connections with you. There is a pride that results from its development and the way in which it touches those within its circle. Cool. Some days you have to use "tough love" and make hard decisions. Some days you just want to walk away from all of it. Some days you are so infatuated with it you just can't leave for anything. Sometimes the smoke of promise and faith blinds your eyes...
Yes, it is much like raising a child. Who would have guessed I would elect to "do it all again" with a business, even in the midst of raising two flesh and blood children?!! It takes creativity, inner strength, consistency, commitment, perseverance, patience and more patience. Thank you for your support of my abilities and reminding me of my strength as I continue on this amazing journey.

Celebrate this year on out, my friends! Count your blessings! Embrace the days ahead with open hearts and open arms! Be safe and have a happy, healthy new year of discovery!

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