Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I have added a page tab featuring the latest OWS Newsletter. (Thanks Chip for helping me work that out!)
Things have slowed slightly in the realm of my class schedule (just ten classes weekly,) until May when I teach workshops at the Crisp Museum, River Campus once again.The six ladies I was privileged to work with during the pastel landscapes class impressed me with their talents! I hope to see more of their works in the future! The Prodigy Leadership Academy students also found empowerment in creating their individually beautiful landscapes! Great job! I hope that you continue exploring your world through art.

Some studio ideas are forming, and I am processing the materials gathered and beginning to work on my piece for the "Peace, All Ways" exhibit in April at the Cape Public Library. I actually have an amazing sculptural piece in mind, but will have to stick to the 2D format for this space. The 3D will make its appearance in another venue soon!

I anticipate the sunshiney days of spring, days for planting and spring cleaning are on their way, but in the meantime, I make stuff and prepare for our family trip to the Mojave desert, where warmth and silence await.

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