Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Zombie Prom 1985

I don't do horror films. My sensitive soul prefers to dwell on things less macabre. But about two weeks ago, I woke in a sweat, having experienced my worst nightmare in recent memory. It involved zombies, deformed and creeping, living under the house and in unopened rooms. It was puzzlingly unexpected.

Last night my heart was heavy and grieving, yet hopeful too. I wasn't in the mood for small talk with colleagues and acquaintances as I floated in and out of the galleries. I was already full up with the earthquaking stories of dear friends this week. I wandered about alone in the rain, not ready to go home, but looking for someplace to get lost in a crowd, to find comfort in observing this life objectively and lighten my load. That's when I stepped into Zombie Prom 1985.

Whomever threw this party is my hero. I have been envisioning such a fun party atmosphere for years, but find few who will go all out with me. These kids did it right!

I bought a drink and sat next to a welcoming gal and her two friends bearing painted bloody gashes across her face and throat, eyes encircled in black. I watched others in even more spectacular disguises, excitedly wait for the electrical power to return so the event could begin. I felt a bit strange being there uncostumed (Lord knows I'd have outdone them if I had known...) Though I entered not knowing any of these fantastic youth, they soon welcomed me and I found comfort in their anticipation and cheer.

After an hour a power generator was brought in, the strobe light like raindrops illuminated the fake fog, and the MC announced the start of the fun. I danced to Madonna, Devo and A-Ha songs with the pale-faced guys in suit jackets, and bloody-faced, wild-haired girls in satin prom dresses and hi-tops. It was surreal, but soon my spirits were light and my soul smiling (especially when my new friend danced to "Like a Virgin...")

I danced among "the dead and dying," found comfort in the moment with these young hopeful kids, danced the stresses away and walked back to my car before midnight thinking how perfectly surreal and sublimely significant this evening was, as if it were made just for me...

One never knows where or when or who will minister to you. If you are aware and awake, you'll see the ministering of the spirit anywhere you are.

"Observe this life objectively, in the light of who you ARE."

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Kelly said...

Some of my Christian friends are concerned about this post, yet I have learned in my many years of walking with God that I shall never define or expect the means in which the spirit will be revealed to anyone. God is a big awesome God and I do not question that. In darkness, the light shines all the brighter...