Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Illustrated Caterpillar exhibit

Caterpillars at the Nature CenterCopy (2) of Dainty SulphurCopy (2) of Dogwood ThyatiridCopy (2) of Eastern Tent CaterpillarCopy (2) of Eight-spotted ForesterHickory Horned Devil
Juniper HairstreakJuvenal's DuskywingMorning Glory ProminentPepper and Salt GeometerPurple-crested SlugQuestion Mark
Spotted ApatelodesViceroyCopy (2) of Dusted SkipperRose HooktipSilver-spotted SkipperSpicebush Swallowtail
White-marked Tussock MothWild Cherry SphinxSwamp Metalmark

Just a reminder that I have this fabulous illustrated exhibit in storage that needs to see the light of day! If you have a business, office, nature center or public venue where you would like to see this work, please contact me this month.

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