Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Studio classes postponed until August

It's summertime! At the conclusion of this week, school semesters come to a close and we all get to take some time for more leisurely activities at a more leisurely pace. With this slowing of schedules comes the opportunity to stop and smell the roses, and truly observe the people and things around us. Being attentive and observant is key to developing artistic skills. We must take time to observe and understand to meaningfully  interpret the world around us.

So when you find yourself on a family camping trip, watching images flash by on a road trip, sitting poolside or watching a baseball game, have a sketch book with you and practice recording things that you notice, things that are interesting, anything you can see around you. In your interpretation of those things, in your attentive observance of those things, they take on a meaningful and sometimes magical quality. Look for it. You will find it.

Have a wonderfully magical summer! I look forward to more magical artistic adventures with you this fall.


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