Monday, September 29, 2014

Open Window Studio welcomes students

I welcome new and returning students to Open Window Studio! The studio is a well stocked and open space for Maria, Ava, Grace, Aria, Lauren, Kiarra to do what they love - experience art adventures! Angie uses the space to further develop her talent and skill in watercolor seascapes. The studio anticipates the return of Kathy's beautiful pencil drawings. The studio also travels to the home of friends Shirley and Esther each week, so they might explore the new-to-them media of soft pastel, and Pat enjoys the by-weekly visits that bring some creative play to her life at the Lutheran Home. Homeshoolers enjoy the classes custom fit to their schedules, as well as the monthly workshops offered by Kelly Hughes at the Cape Public Library.

Make some room in your days to explore the wonder and joy of making art! Call Open Window Studio to begin today!      

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