Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday morning

It's been an interesting few weeks, with fears and fights and honesty and doubts and inspirational people - lots to sift through and write about and express with praise.

I've been so blessed by inspiring people this week. There are these amazing people in my life who are friends of my soul -- who are willing to hang in with me through the ups and downs, the misunderstandings and the in-your-face honesty, who bring to awareness both my strengths and weaknesses. They fill my heart with gratitude and love, for without them I would not grow to further understand the spirit's grace and power.

We are skipping town after the gallery opening for one final hurrah before persistant fall schedules strike. Our family is so excited to be taking this trip together. I welcome the opportunity to share new experiences as a family, for it draws us together, and at the same time gives space in which to truly appreciate one another. Hilton Head Island, here we come!

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Bret Johnson said...

I've just finished your two slide shows and I really enjoyed them. You have always been an artist and formal art is just one medium you are able to share but your life offers a myriad of others. I am so blessed to have been able to experience so much of your art and now view the visuals that you have created.
Thanks for sharing your light.