Wednesday, August 26, 2009


8/16 I am in a suspended mental state. I woke in our own bed. I view that familiar view. I think of what made the time away so beautiful, and I think Anne Lindbergh 's words (which I read in her book "Gift From the Sea") help to explain. She stated that "beauty is found in its own space," meaning that it is the relationship of the thing or person of beauty to the space around it, set apart from the usual space, that made it stand out and attract attention and admiration. This is a statement I wish to explore further in terms of art and the way beauty is perceived... I realize there is beauty here at home too. Beauty found in this unique setting, among the fields and orchards and neighbors, in this home of beautiful souls amidst a tree-filled yard. Beauty CAN be found anywhere when one perceives with awareness not just the parts, but the parts in relation to the whole.

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