Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Day of New Beginnings

A blustery eighty-degree sunshiney spring day this Easter Sunday. I have played outside, planted seed in the earth, and reflected upon the meaning of new beginnings...

I am excited to report the acquaintance of a new friend, one who was so taken with the artwork I displayed at the VAC show this Friday night, that she purchased it within minutes after meeting me. It is a thrill to meet those who "get" what I share, those who see the spiritual depth in what I make, who to some degree understand what I experienced as I brought that idea into form. I look forward to more time with this fellow artist from Poplar Bluff.

James Thurman's art always succeeds in making me smile! I added a Thurman to my collection this weekend, a piece entitled "Happy Socks" which depicts a long-legged blue creature wearing a goofy grin and red and white tube socks --just like the ones my brothers so proudly wore in their youth!

I am excitedly awaiting the start of a metal sculpture workshop this weekend, instructed by one of my favorite people -- artist Zenon Duda. His sculpture is internationally acclaimed, and this newbie can't wait to learn of him. Check out his work at

I completed a mural project on Wednesday, which involved the enlargement of an 8" X 10" aerial photograph of a family homestead. The 4' X 8' finished work is a surprise gift, and when the delivered work has been presented, I will post photos for you.

The second week of my "self-appointed spring break" ends with an Arctic Monkeys concert in St. Louis on the 11th. I was hoping to make it to Ultra Music Fest in Miami this year, but alas, I could not find one crazy enough to accompany me. Maybe next year! I look forward to a night out with Chip on Tuesday, when we travel to Dyersburg, Tennessee for a California Guitar Trio performance. Two musical inspirations in one week! Yeehaw!

Well there are the haps for now, my friends! May you find comfort in the faithfulness of springtime, and be inspired by its bodacious beauty!

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