Friday, March 19, 2010

The author returns

Golly, it's been six months since I've been here! I pledge to do better! I am teaching four after school classes requiring prep work and contact emailings, as well as two other daytime classes! I am enjoying every day! I love sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge with eager learners who are finding their own voices in their creative art.

I recently returned from a refreshing vacay in San Jose. Guy, Meaghann and family are doing very well, rockin the game of life!

I spent time collecting images of paintings on display at the Art Institute of Chicago, and posting comments and discussion questions that my 4th-8th graders of Deer Creek Academy may use as their custom tour when they visit next week. Unfortunately, other commitments keep me from joining them in person. I can't wait to discuss their favorites with them when they return!

I must now haul some recycles to the drop-off, and pick up some Chinese to take to the Junior High School for lunch with Sierra. Then it's off to teach the joyful munchkins at Deer Creek! TTFN!

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