Sunday, November 1, 2009

November begins

Wow! Is it really November already? This is the time of year when nature travels to its quiet winter home in its multi-colored cloak, to return again with all the hope and renewed energy of life! I too feel the urge to hole-up in my home as the temperatures turn cooler, but remind myself to get out and enjoy the mild sunny days while I can.

I have completed one of my largest mural projects to date, and now have mornings free to catch up on home projects long left undone. I also enjoy catching up with friends. I am thankful for their patience as the busyness of my life ebbs and flows. I am grateful to have commissioned work to do, but I feel uncomfortable if I don't have a balance of leisure time, in which to process and listen to that which stirs within. I believe stillness and leisure are important ingredients in the inner workings of creativity.

I am still thrilled to be working with 60 young artists every week. They are excited to have the opportunity to make stuff,discuss art, learn new methods of expression and explore what is possible. The curiosity they exhibit and the discoveries they make are inspiring to me and encourage my creative expressions as well. I love what I do. It's a win-win...

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john said...

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