Monday, July 11, 2011

Tuesday at the lake

The heat and humidity found us here, which is unusual for NY. We had a pancake breakfast after a leisurely walk with Chip to ogle the cottages. Off we went with the Boice family to hike along the cool, mossy stream in Eggleston's Glen, following it through the forest to the waterfall at its source. We returned to the cottage for a bite to eat, then a ride on Ellen's speedboat and tubing! Yeehaw! It is so exhausting to laugh so hard and still maintain a grip, being dragged behind a boat like that! Wave riding makes me giddy! Great fun!

We had dinner at our traditional choice, The Switz overlooking the lake scene. Upon returning to the cottage, I climbed into the hammock and finished reading Tracy Chevalier's "The Virgin Blue" before our nightly lakeside bonfire with family. The pink sunset over the water was magic.

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