Saturday, October 6, 2012

First Friday

First Friday gallery opening is our date night of choice, and though the weather suddenly became wintry earlier that afternoon, we braved  chilling wind and rain to venture out together. The variety of artwork offered by the Visual Arts Cooperative is always interesting, as is the collection of cleverly decorated braziers bearing names like, "Where the Wild Things Are," and "Treasure Chest," and  "Which Boob Will You Vote For?"

The paintings of Stephen Rust are filled with a soft light, as he employs colors favored by the Impressionists to portray landscapes in a thick, juicy style like Van Gogh, but with Rust's c chosen forms being handled with more simplicity and mercy. Lovely work.

It is always a pleasure to find friends out enjoying the gallery work, like Dave and Julie Walker, Helen Towner, Anita Dickerson, Linda Buis,Peter Nguyen, Mrs. Ludwig, Randy Hays, Marti Hartle, Aaron Horrell, Thomas Ertman, Victor Kantchev, Barb Bailey, and Craig and Beth Thomas. Oh, and say a prayer for Hannah, the friendly dog of Black Door Gallery...

Chip and I ventured on to Outback Steakhouse for a late dinner, with my hope that the soup of the day might by the delicious Cream of Onion, but no joy. We did however find much joy in sharing a yummy steak dinner in one another's company in a warm atmosphere on such a blustery night.

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